Succession Planning

If you or employees within your organization are preparing to take leadership roles, our services will provide foundational skills needed to assume greater responsibilities and career advancement. Here’s to the next generation of leadership.

Executive Bench-building

What are you doing to develop the next level of managers to prepare them to step into your position if needed? At Retro Solutions, we believe that an important part of succession planning is “building your bench.” This includes the effective training, coaching, and worthwhile mentoring of the next line of managers within your organization. In turn, this next line of managers often provide impactful input and suggestions that benefit to the success of the company. The value we place in the second line of managers allows us to map out the strengths of our team, and capitalize on every opportunity for advancement.

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Business Strategy

Retro Solutions provides Business Advisory services, including: strategic planning, implementation, and executive team building.

Family Business

Our extensive practical and academic knowledge allows Retro Solutions to provide guidance to family businesses on succession planning and career development issues.